Adverts from the 1960's

The overriding theme throughout these adverts is the low cost of the train sets and the fact that you could have more for your money with Playcraft Railways.

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MRN Oct 1962

From the October 1962 Model Railway News this advert features the Class 29 loco, the new track and the coach interiors

MRN Oct 64

From the October 1964 Model Railway News this features the operating hopper set, the girder bridge with the inclined piers and associated sidewalls

MRC Mar 1965

In March 1965 the Model Railway Constructor advert shows a night scene with the Class 29 Bo-Bo and the SNCF Nord Pacific. It also features trackside signs and figures. Interestingly the descriptions of the rolling stock shown below are in error.

MRC Oct 65

By the October 1965 issue of MRC the advert features two SNCF sets the Alpenrose and the TEE. It also introduced the SNCF Diesel Shunter, the SNCF 13001 Bo-Bo electric loco and the Continental CIWL Luggage Van, all pictured in the bottom RH corner

MRC Nov 65 And in November 1965 MRC this advert shows the SNCF Nord Pacific with the London/Paris Night Ferry set and the 'Snow Hill Goods Set' with SNCF Tank loco with BR markings