After the demise of the Playcraft range, Jouef continued to produce models with 'Jouef for Playcraft' underneath for a number of years. Models can also be found which were produced after the wording was milled off the moulds and this resulted in a raised boss below the words 'Made in France-Jouef'.

Interestingly there are also models with 'Jouef for Playcraft' underneath which were not listed in the Playcraft catalogues at all, which presumably were going to be introduced had the range continued.

Here are some examples: 

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Total tank

This nice little tanker shows all the hallmarks of early Jouef but has Playcraft underneath. This type of tanker was also produced in various colours in starter sets in the 1970's but not in grey. Note the grey plastic wheels.

Total and Azur tanks

The same wagon together with an original Jouef version from the late 1950's. Note the different shape to the tank.

SNCF Stainless First

This is the SNCF stainless steel 1st class coach as made by Jouef. This model was first introduced in the late 1950's and re-introduced after the demise of Playcraft n Jouef starter sets in the 1970's. Note, no interior and no yellow cantrail line. The Lanal couplings were integral with the bogies just like early Playcraft and these were limited to starter sets
Royal Mail Coach set The Royal Mail operating set was the only BR coach which continued under Jouef. Here's a mint set in the French box
Picasso 2 car

This is the two car 'Picasso' railcar which although never featured in the Playcraft catalogues has the words underneath

Picasso underside The underside of the driving car. The trailer car carries the same wording

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