The Playcraft range of models was developed from the original Jouef range marketed not only in France but also world-wide.

Here are a few pictures of early Jouef items.



early coach

The lid of a Jouef set made for export and printed in English And inside was the original clockwork tank engine No:708 together with two early wagons The original SNCF 2nd Class coach featured in early Playcraft catalogues in the 'Suburban set' but was never incorporated into the range. 



9v shunter

An early Jouef set Circuit 50 which has a British scene on the box lid An early example of a Jouef set containing the tank engine, green box van and 'Total' tanker. One of the first British outline models produced was the NB shunter. This is an early Jouef 9v version




Jouef version of the BR Second Open coach (SO) Jouef version of the BR Second Brake corridor coach (BSK) Jouef version of the BR Composite corridor coach (CK)

Brake vans

Early wagons

Some of the wagons in Jouef boxes The brake vans were sold in pairs A set of original four wheelers

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