Miniature HO and Egger catalogues

Despite the run down of the Playcraft HO range the narrow gauge items continued to be promoted and had three mini-catalogues of their own at the end of the 1960's.

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Miniature HO 1968 inside page 1 Inside page 2 Back page
The cover of the 2 page 1968 leaflet

Inside there was a price list on the inside front cover. 

 And the range of ex Egger Bahn stock was illustrated  The original Decauville items were on the back page

Miniature HO 1969

The 1969 leaflet was identical to the previous year's 
Miniature HO 1970 Inside page 1 Inside page 2 Inside page 3
By 1970 it had expanded to become a three page fold out leaflet

More ex-Egger Bahn stock


and more 


 And the now rare pre-formed mining layout 
Inside page 4 Back page


As far as I know this was the last Playcraft catalogue but the narrow gauge range continued under Jouef as VE (Voie étroite) and was included in their main catalogues up to 1972. After this date it was no longer promoted. See my Jouef site for later pictures etc

and even more ex-Egger Bahn stock


and again the Decauville items were on the back page Here's a leaflet possibly from one of the sets


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