Box Styles

Here are some pictures of the various boxes which Playcraft Railways items came in.

Click on the picture for a bigger image.

P683 box

P685 box

P658 printed  P625 stamped P686 labelled
The early boxes had the PR prefix to the number. Later boxes dropped the 'R' but still came in differing styles

HO International box

Clockwork tank box

The final style of 'HO International' boxes only covered locomotives 

The boxes for the clockwork locos were a different colour

HO miniature box

Comparison of boxes

and Decauville products had their own version

And not all the boxes with the same contents were the same size - Note the Woolworth's price sticker!

early picture box

Later description box

The sides of the early boxes carried pictures of the range of models....................

..................whereas later ones described the contents 

Made in France

Made in England
Some items were made in France But some were made in England

Coupling protection

The cardboard protection for the later-style couplings